Juve: The Ronaldo influence is unmatched

126 seconds. That’s how long it took Cristiano Ronaldo to score his first goal for Juventus after almost 20 days away because of Coronavirus.

What’s obvious is, before Ronaldo came in, Spezia-Juve was a different game, with the Bianconeri a bit struggling to reach the opponents box.

But as soon as he came in, the effect was instant: Juve scored 3 goals in 44 minutes, 2 of them scored by the Portuguese star.

The team looked much better, more concentrated, Morata found someone who can help him move towards goal and occupy the attacking area.

In an article made today, La Gazzetta Dello Sport explained the difference of the Juve numbers with and without Ronaldo.

Without Ronaldo:

Since his arrival in 2018, Juve played 18 games without Cristiano.

They won only 10 of them, with a victory percentage of 55.6%.

They average 1.83 point and 1.7 goal per game.

They even shoot less shots and make less crosses without CR7 with an average of 15.4 shots and 12.9 per game.

This season, the dependence is even bigger: Juve won only 25% of their games without Ronaldo, averaging 1.25 point and just 1 goal per game.

With Ronaldo:

Since his arrival in 2018, Cristiano played 92 games for the Bianconeri.

The victory percentage when the Portuguese star plays is 67.4% with 2.19 points and 1.8 goals per game.

They also shoot and cross more: 16.4 shots and 15.3 crosses per game.

This season, the difference is very notable: Juve won 66.7% of their games when Ronaldo played, with an average of 3 goals and 2.33 points per game.

After the Spezia game, Pirlo explained what might be the reason for this:

“Ronaldo gives us that hunger, that desire to keep attacking and scoring no matter what the result is.”

“He’s like a robot, his presence gives us much more.”

The Ronaldo presence is certainly positive for Juve, but too much dependence on him is not.

Juve has to find solutions, to be ready for when some unexpected circumstances stop Cristiano from playing.

Someone need to step up, someone with the character and determination of CR7 is what lacks this team when the Portuguese legend is not there.

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