Ronaldo has Covid-19: here are the games he will miss

Cristiano Ronaldo has tested positive for Coronavirus, as announced by the Portuguese federation of Football.

He has already left his international team to isolate himself, and he’s completely fine and asymptomatic.

Ronaldo will miss two games at least: the games against Crotone and Dynamo Kiev.

In order to be able to play again, Cristiano needs to have a negative swab after 10 days of isolation, as announced by the Italian Technical Scientific Committee.

Therefore, Cristiano can be back for the game against Verona if he tests negative for Covid-19 once after the 10 days.

In the other hand, to be able to play against Barcelona, according to the UEFA protocols, Ronaldo needs to test negative for Covid-19 7 days before the game that is scheduled for the 28th of October