Pirlo: No surgical intervention for Dybala

Juventus manager Andrea Pirlo spoke in the usual pre-game press conference ahead of his team’s game against Verona.

“It will be a very difficult, physical game and we must face it in the best possible way.”

“They are a team that plays very good football with Juric, made up of many one on one situations.”

“We will have to be careful, they are doing well and a very tough match is awaiting us.”

“They play a particular Atalanta-style football, so we shouldn’t be surprised by their attitude, knowing that they will come on us from the start to the end of the game.”

“We just need to be careful, play for each other, be quick and attack space, because when you play man against man, there can be lots of spaces.”

Injuries update?

“We will not recover anyone, and Danilo is disqualified, so Dragusin can be an option from the start.”

Morata has to be on total rest until Sunday for this virus to pass, we will have to wait.”

“We will evaluate with the medical staff what is the best solution to get Dybala back as soon as possible, he isn’t at risk of a surgical intervention.”

Bernardeschi is well, he is one of the few who is always in a good shape, he can play from the beginning tomorrow.”

Kulusevski is fine, he plays a lot in a role maybe not his own, but he is doing it well.”

“What we ask of him is a game that is slightly different from his characteristics, but he is doing it well.”


“He plays well on both sides, maybe he is better on the right because he is more used to it and goes on his foot to look for this cross that he knows how to do very well.”

“But he has always played excellent games on the left as well, it also depends a lot on the game we have to play and on the opponents.”

Juve-Napoli on March 17th?

“We will make a virtue of necessity, we will play with whoever we have at our disposal.”

“We knew from the beginning of the season that it would be tough with many close matches.”

“There was the postponement with Napoli that will force us to play another game in this very busy period, but now we are here, inside this cycle and we will do our best.”

Managing this emergency situation?

“I’m fine, but I can’t play. I would gladly play in someone’s place, I’m trying to adapt whoever I have.”

“We have been going on like this for some time now and we have to go on. we don’t think about who we don’t have, but who is available, to make them perform at their best.”

“Only yesterday we had a total training day, the others were strength recovery days.”

“After so many close matches you need to have maybe one more day of recovery and luckily we did.”

“The day to work fully was yesterday, we did it well, we will finish today and hope we arrive well to the game.”

The Scudetto?

“Of course we talk about it, it is one of our goals, we have a duty to continue to fight for it because it is within our reach.”

“There are strong teams in front of us but it is right to go on until the end.”

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