Pirlo: I’m not worried

Juventus manager Andrea Pirlo spoke ahead of his team’s game against Crotone.

“It’s an important game to continue our fight for the Scudetto.”

“We know it will be a difficult match, Crotone are not having a great period, but they play good football and have shown it in this period, despite their results.”

“They have maintained their philosophy, trying to impose their style, this must be taken into account.”

The recent setbacks?

“We talk to the president every game, in Porto he was with us and we got to talk immediately after the game.”

“He didn’t intervene this week, there was no need. We knew we had a bad game, there was no reason to intervene.”

“We didn’t play as Juventus, we didn’t have a great match. And from there we start again. In Naples we conceded a goal without receiving a shot in goal, so it’s different.”

Am I worried?

“No, we were coming from 11 wins out of 13 games, I’m not worried.”

“It was normal that sooner or later there would be a setback.”

“Unfortunately it happened in a decisive moment, but when you play 15 games in 40 days, it’s normal.”

I should raise my voice at the players?

“I have already raised my voice at the end of the first half, I didn’t like how we had managed the match.”

“When we returned we didn’t have the chance to take over the match, we had 10 seconds of blackout for the second goal.”

“We analyzed the mistake but as mentioned before, there is no need to raise your voice. But when you think you did well and instead you didn’t, then you can raise your voice.”

Injuries update

Dybala still has knee pain, the knee problem persists and we have to wait a few days.”

Ramsey is available, we will evaluate if he can play from the start.”

Bentancur is better. He had a little problem during the week, but I think he can be recovered for tomorrow.”

“It is normal that he is disappointed with what happened the other night, but it is part of football. It happens to make mistakes, but you have to keep going, to take responsibility.”

Arthur must be evaluated day after day for, we don’t know when he can return.”

McKennie lives with this hip pain, he’s a rock and grits his teeth.”

Morata is slightly better, he had this intestinal virus, we hope that he will be available for tomorrow.”

Kulusevski is better, he had a bit of cold, but he was already better this morning.”

“He was sorry for the game against Porto, he didn’t find the ideal position.”

“He is having a good season, he is in his first year in a great team. In such important games a bit of nervousness can come out. He has time to make up for it.”

The midfield?

“Arthur’s absence certainly affects us, because he is the only one with different characteristics than the others.”

“We can try more solutions with Ramsey, Bentancur, Fagioli. They are players with characteristics that are adaptable to the game system. Maybe not with the same ones as Arthur, but in different way. We will look for the best solution “.

Free kick goals?

“Free-kick goals are convenient, they resolve matches.”

“These are the details that make you win especially with teams that close well.”

“Ronaldo is training on them, he’s improving and getting even better. He is more serene, and he is sure that he will soon score one.”

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