Pirlo: I’m confident that we will end up on top of the league again

Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo talked to the media after his team’s 1-1 draw against Crotone.

“We went down to 10 men for the second time in a row and that’s because of our mistakes but we’re a young team that needs to learn and work.”

“The only way for young players to gain experience is by playing matches, and as a part of that learning process, making mistakes is normal.”

“This team has quality but it’s still a work in progress, we need time to learn by making mistakes, which unfortunately means risking a bit in early games.”

“With many international players, we had very little time to prepare as we had a training session with the full squad only yesterday.”

“We made mistakes in the pressing but these things happen in the early stages.”

“It will be a battle for the Scudetto, many teams will be competing and we already knew that, we have to fight, it’s true that we already dropped some points but I’m confident that we will be on top again.”

“Arthur sometimes touches the ball too many times despite that he can speed the game a bit, but it’s only his first game and he will improve.”

“Dybala trained for only 10 minutes yesterday, and as we went down to 10 men, he had no space to play.”