Pirlo: Guardiola is an example, and I want to learn from all my coaches

Juventus manager Andrea Pirlo spoke to the microphones of the Uefa website.

On becoming a coach:

“It was something automatic, I started studying as soon as I stopped playing and the passion grew day by day.”

“I had many great coaches, some of the best of the world, starting from Lucescu at Brescia ho Lippi and Ancelotti and finally Conte and Allegri.”

“What I want is to take something from each of them.”

On Guardiola:

“He is an example for everyone, he always proved himself to be one of the best, he is the model to follow for those who start coaching and aspire to play a proactive Football.”

On coaching his ex-teammates:

“I found them available, they understood very fast my new role compared to the past.”

“They know what it means to play for Juve and to win and they also know what it’s like to work with me.”

“I think they can help me a lot.”

What’s more stressful, coaching or playing?

“Definitely coaching.”

“As I player I was able to direct the game and decide what to do by myself.”

“Now I can only direct but the players have to play and make decisions, I have to do everything from the sidelines.”

My Juve squad?

“I have young quality players and the room for improvement is great.”

“When a cycle ends, it’s important to start with young players and that’s what we’re doing, our goal is to help them grow and become champions.”


“He is a symbol of the football world and I’m happy to have him.”

“He is an example for everyone with his work ethic despite his age.”

“He has the same passion everyday and seeing him do what he does is a pleasure for me and the boys.”

Champions League?

“Everyone is strong and there is no room for errors, it’s often very hard and depends on moments.”

“Especially in the knockout games where some arrive in top condition while others are having a tough period.”

“In moments like those you also need some luck with the draw.”

“We need to play every game with the same enthusiasm and attention.”