Pirlo & Bonucci press conference ahead of Porto

Juventus manager Andrea Pirlo and player Leonardo Bonucci spoke in the usual pre-game press conference ahead of their game against Porto.


“We will take the field with the spirit that distinguishes Juventus, wanting to take home the victory with humility and respect for Porto, but with the awareness that with application and sacrifice, great results can be achieved.”

“We will have to be careful, without getting caught up in the desire to score at all costs.”

“We can score even at the last minute. We will take the field to win, to score more than one goal.”

“After the first leg we were aware that we hadn’t done what had to be done.”

“We made mistakes that served as a lesson, but we’re a team made up of great men, they take responsibility in positive and less positive moments.”

“Tomorrow we won’t be able to afford to give away even a second of the match.”

“When you play so much, having a strong and consistent approach in all the games becomes difficult, but this shouldn’t be an excuse.”

Playing tomorrow?

“I’m like a player after a month of forced rest. The coach will decide who to line up from the start, but as we have seen, those who are part of the team are ready.”


“Merih is gaining more and more confidence.”

“After a period of inactivity, the injury he had, it took time to find himself physically and mentally.”

“He’s an important player for the team, he transmits energy, enthusiasm, he’s positive for the group.”


“I expected this from him: he doesn’t put so much pressure on himself, he plays free from thoughts. If he makes a mistake, he chases, lowers his head, he gets angry, you see him smile.”

“He’s spontaneous and genuine, he quickly understood what it means to wear this shirt, he’s giving us so much.”


“Cristiano is always very excited for these games. If it was up to him, he would only play the Champions League games, you can imagine how excited he is for tomorrow.”


“We have to play a very technical game, because we will face a very compact team.”

“There will be little space and time to think. It will take a lot of technique, we need to make little mistakes, try to expand them, with patience.”

“We must not be in a hurry to break through centrally, but make them turn from one side to the other.”

Injuries update?

“Everyone is fine, they all trained in the group.”

“De Ligt warmed up with the team, then apart. The others are available, not at their best, but it is already a lot to have them for tomorrow’s match”.

Chiellini is pretty good, after 3 weeks off he trained with the team. He’s available for tomorrow.”

Arthur is not at the top, but having Danilo out, he is one of the players we can use. He can start from the beginning and we hope he can last a while.”

Danilo’s absence weighs, he is important. But others were also missing and we will put the best line-up.”

Morata is always improving, he is intelligent and ambitious, which is important for a football player.”


“We talked this summer, on vacation, I had the idea in mind, to make him play left-back.”

“He gave me availability, there was little time. Now that he put it in his head and did it well, we will continue in this way.”


“These are his matches, he has always shown it over the years.”

“He is energized and has rested in these days, he can’t wait to play tomorrow.”

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