Pirlo: Being a player is much easier than being a manager

Juventus manager Andrea Pirlo spoke to Sky Sports microphones after his team’s game against Crotone.

“We started a little nervous, perhaps the last two defeats have put us in a lack of clarity, then the goals made it easier for us: they gave us more peace of mind and then we managed the game well.”

“The important thing was to get the three points.”


“Saturday’s game will be very difficult as we will have Danilo suspended: another defender who is missing and therefore we will have to study our options and come up with something.”

Morata is not at his best, he comes from a period of influence in which he was not well so he needs some time to get back on his feet; but if we have Ronaldo in front, the game has to be developed differently because Kulusevski is not a striker and we ask him for another type of movement.”


“We had to look for him because he was the free player to carry the ball from one side to the other.”

“They were very good at closing us on one side, so we had to be quick to go find our midfielder and attack on their weak side.”


“Playing for Juve or Parma are two different things, last year they played on the counterattack and therefore had a lot of space in front.”

“When you play for Juventus, many teams close and the spaces become less and less.”

“He is adapting in many positions, now he is playing in a role that is not his own but he is doing it well, what we ask him is also a lot of work in the non-possession phase.”

“He’s giving us a great hand, but he can do a lot more.”


“Chiesa is better on the right due to his way of playing and attacking in one-vs-one situations.”

“He also plays well on the left and manages to cross with that foot.”

“Having said that, his position is certainly that of right winger and when possible we will play him there.”

This is Juve’s 250th match at the Alianz Stadium:

“Ten years ago I was thinking about playing and winning as a footballer, now I have the same goal of winning, but trying to achieve it as a manager.”

“Being on the pitch is better for sure, it’s much easier to be a player.”

We are the team to beat Inter?

“All those behind the Nerazzurri are the antagonists, we are one of them and we will try to fight as always until the end.”


“Fagioli has entered well with a good personality.”

“He is a player who has football in his head and this is a very important thing.”

“He is a player who can play many roles, but in my opinion he can be a director because he always positions himself well in reception. and always look ahead.”

“He’s still so young so we shouldn’t give him too much responsibility.”

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