Pinsoglio: Ronaldo scores free kicks all the time

Juventus goalkeeper Carlo Pinsoglio spoke to Tuttosport. Here’s what he had to say:

“I have been a Juventus fan since I was born.”

“For me, every goal is as if I scored it, it’s always nice to celebrate with teammates and the team: in some ways I consider it a privilege.”

“I’m simple, cheerful, easy going, but nothing weird.”

“I make myself loved for who I am, and then I make people smile in the morning with silly videos. In the locker room I joke with everyone, I try to cheer them up.”

My relationship with Ronaldo?

“Ronaldo is a simple boy, not a star, he is quiet, he likes to laugh and joke.”

“In training he shoots free kicks and always scores, sometimes they challenge each other two against two. I can’t say why he doesn’t score them in the games but perhaps he has a bit of bad luck.”

“My relationship with him was born immediately when he stopped to shoot on goal, but the friendship with him is beautiful because he honors me even more seeing the player he is.”

“They also make fun of me saying that I will go to the European Championship in the Portugal staff with Cristiano.”

“I don’t know if he will stay with us, I hope so because his presence makes a difference.”

“He still has a year of contract, if nothing strange happens I think and I hope he will stay.”

Juve’s season?

“It’s a bit difficult moment. We have to recover and improve but the negativity is too much.”

“I lived it in March 2010: I was a boy but I was in the group. We lost 4-1 to Fulham and were out of the Europa League. Then two defeats in a row against Sampdoria and Napoli which had also compromised the 6th place.”

“Plus, many of the strongest were quitting and the more expensive purchases were disappointing.”

“Now Juve has the strongest player in the world, a group of very strong young talents, a strong club… The perspective is a bit different, indeed, I would say that there is no comparison.”

How to improve? “All I say is that we are Juve, and we are all aware of that. No words are needed, we have to push hard and that’s it. We just have to remember this thing, I repeat: We are Juve!”

My role in the team?

“My role is particular. I feel I must always be available to the team, so I enter the locker room smiling and I don’t stop until everything is okay.”

“I make my mates laugh. If there is a need to raise someone, I’m close to him, I encourage him even before the game, and I feel this is good for the team.”

“If you laugh in the locker room, the group is serene, it becomes united, and together you face difficulties in a more constructive way.”

“And I’ve always felt it was my duty to keep the mood high in the team, and over the years this thing has increased more and more.”

An example? “The first that comes to mind during the Italian Super Cup, I pushed Bernardeschi a lot and when he was about to enter the field I got up, went to him, I went head to head and said:“Come on Show. It’s your time, your help is needed”. And in fact he played well, sometimes small things are enough.”

“Show is his nickname, before it was Bernashow now only Show.”

“I don’t give nicknames to everyone. Federico Chiesa is the Pink Flamingo because he flies on the wing like a flamingo. Chiellini is Giorgiao Meravigliao.

De Ligt?

“He is very young but he has a great personality, he always plays like he is in his thirties. He is very strong and is also starting to speak Italian well.”

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