McKennie: I’m representing a country that doesn’t accept my skin color

Juventus and USMNT midfielder Weston Mckennie talked during a video produced by Adidas, where he stood,once more, against racism in the US.

“At the beginning of the year we had a game and fans were making monkey noises at me after the game.”

“I went back home to Dallas afraid, I was afraid to drive at night because I had no idea what could happen if I get pulled over by the police.”

“I’m representing a country that possibly doesn’t even accept me, just for my skin color.”

“People tell me “but you’re a soccer player, you shouldn’t be political.” And in my head, I really don’t see how this is a political statement at all.”

“When someone loses your life, I can’t just play and shut up because that’s what people think I should do.”

“I want to be more than great player, I want to be a great person and that’s what I’m trying to do: create my legacy.”