Lippi: We would have won the 2003 CL if Nedved played the final

Juventus legendary manager Marcello Lippi talked to the microphones of TMV:


“He always had talent as a player and I’m sure he will have it as a manager too: he wants to play a dominant Football and he knows how to communicate with the top players.”

“If the team doesn’t achieve its objectives, he won’t be the one to blame, everyone knows that he lacks experience.”

The Champions League finals?

“We got there with a lot of motivation as the club haven’t won it in 10 years.”

“I got angry when we went backwards and not forward, I asked for pressure and attack.”

“When I came back in 2003, we basically massacred Spanish football with the wins against Deportivo La Coruna, Barcelona and Real Madrid ”

“I’m sure that if we had Nedved, we wouldn’t have lost the final against Milan.”

Best player I coached?

“Zidane. Like Pirlo, he knows how to communicate with the top players.”

“Great coaches don’t win by pressing or doubling the mark, but by convincing the top players to follow them.”