Kulusevski: Playing for Juve is like a dream

Juventus player Dejan Kulusevski had an interview with CalcioShop account on Instagram. Here’s what he had to say.

Role models as a kid?

“My sister loved Ronaldinho: I always saw his photos, so he was my first inspiration.”

Then when I started following football more I started to like Eden Hazard when he was playing at Chelsea, and he is still my favorite player until today.”

Playing for Juve?

“It is wonderful to reach these levels at just 20 years old, to play for Juve.”

“For me it’s like a dream: every night before sleeping I’m grateful and happy to play for a team like this, it’s beautiful.”

“I will do everything to stay here as long as possible.”

His Juve teammates

“At Juve we are a very united group, we always talk together.”

“Perhaps the one I bonded the most with in the beginning was McKennie, but now I learn new things from everyone.”

“I like being close to Buffon because he has played football for more time than I have lived so it’s always fun to be close to him.”

“Playing with Ronaldo is something that I will always carry with me in life, no one can take away the satisfaction of training every day with him.”

“We joke a lot together, even he likes to joke. He helps me a lot, especially in the head shots, he always tells me how to do them and I have already improved a lot.”

Why the number 44?

“I chose 44 because I wanted to have a number that is mine, I want to wear it forever, when I see it I always associate it with me and I like it very much.”

What is my strongest quality?

“One of my strengths is the mental aspect: I play to win and I always do everything to win, I never put my ego in front of the team, if I have to defend I do it willingly.”

“I have to improve everything because I’m still young, plus my right foot because playing with both feet is easier, but physically I also have to improve. I’m looking for the right training for this.”

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