Dybala: We will do better next season.

Juventus star Paulo Dybala spoke on Twitch, with “Ibai Llanos”. Here’s what he had to say:

This season

“We have the Italian Cup final against Atalanta, we won a trophy against Napoli. Obviously it is a bad year because the Scudetto is missing and Inter will win it, while we are always used to winning.”

“It was a different year, we have changed a lot, the coach, many players. We hope to do better next year, we will learn from our mistakes.”

“The pressure is always there, no matter the age. I think the most important thing is to be mentally strong and they don’t teach you that. This makes the difference between a good player and a star. I had pressure in Cordoba and I have it at Juve.”


“I believe that for his career, it will be a unique thing to stay in Barcelona, regardless of whether Aguero goes there or not.”

Messi to Juve?

“They talked about it a bit in Italy but we knew it would be a very difficult thing.”

“I have been very lucky in recent years, I wouldn’t find a place to play if we have Cristiano and Messi here (laughs).”

“But with Cristiano we are challenging ourselves to reach 100 goals: I miss a goal and he misses 3.”

Ronaldo, is he obsessed?

“Yes, totally. He always wants to win, in training, in the games we play. He does not like to lose and when it happens for two or three minutes he is intractable.”

Ronaldo or Messi?

“They are very different, I would not know how to choose. One gives something more in one thing, the other in other things. It would be difficult to choose for this.”


“I think he’s one of the best in the team in terms of performance in recent years, that’s good for us. Before he played very advanced, now he has moved to the position of full-back but he practically plays wherever the team needs.”

How the Dybala mask thing started

“I’m very passionate about The Gladiator movie and everything related to it.”

“We played a final in Doha against Milan. We got to penalties and I missed the decisive penalty and we lost.”

“Then we had 4 days of vacation and I spent them with Pogba: it was the worst vacation of my life because I always thought about the missed penalty.”

“The gladiators always went into battle with a mask and I also wanted to do it to redeem myself from the missed penalty. So at the first goal I scored, against Atalanta, I wanted to celebrate by mimicking the mask.”

Toughest defenders to face?

“In Italy, Koulibaly from Napoli has always put me in difficulty, he is very strong and has been proving it for many years.”

“I really like facing Sergio Ramos, he is incredible, he goes on with the years and does not lose body or anything. In training Chiellini: you are always afraid that he will give you a blow in training and then he is very strong.”

Offers at Palermo?

“At the beginning I had no offers, then in December, there was talk of a strong interest from Inter but Palermo did not want to sell me. There were no other offers from Spain and England.”

Relationship with teammates?

“Now it is impossible to eat together, with so many matches nearby. Otherwise I like to find myself with Morata, Alex Sandro, Arthur and others.”

Jokes? “Juventus is a serious club. Then there is us South Americans who are fighting a bit. For example, the year with Dani Alves. But I must also say, the seasons with Evra were really very funny.”

Real Madrid’s penalty in 2018?

“At that moment it didn’t seem like a penalty, not at all. The referee did not doubt a second on that occasion, in a situation like this, with our comeback and with the result that Real needed…”

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