Danilo: I’m doing everything to repay Juve’s trust

Juventus defender Danilo spoke to the microphones of TNT Brasil.

“I was treated very well since arriving to Juve, I think it is right to repay the club by giving my best performances.”

“I’m very happy, not only for my personal moment, but to be able to repay the trust that the club has placed in me. ”
used more and more in defense?

My new role under Pirlo?

“I felt very satisfied because it was a role I felt good in.”

“It’s a role I’m more used to, where I felt really comfortable, so we had a very quick understanding, both with the manager and with the staff.”

“The type of training, the way they talked to me, both to me and to the team, have contributed to making me a versatile player who plays continuously.”


“He was able to implement his ideas and be followed by the team quickly.”

“It’s not easy to adapt as he has different ideas than we had before, so it takes time, but what he offers more is being able to make the team faithfully follow him.”

My role in the Juve locker room?

“In a locker room where there are Buffon, Chiellini, Bonucci,Paulo, Cuadrado… who have been here for many years, I try to be who I am in my daily life, with my family.”

“I am someone who tries to take all the moments of my daily life in the club seriously.”

“The preparation of the matches, the moment of the match and after the match, I think you must always have serenity and seriousness in these moments.”

“I gladly accept this responsibility and I think that every player should have his role as leader. I accept my role well and have great respect for everyone because they have done amazing things within the club.”

“I have great admiration for them, but I accept my role in order to help the team also off the pitch. In addition to the game,I also believe this is fundamental to manage the work well and win.”

Juventus inconsistent?

“I have already seen and experienced even more complicated situations than this, in terms of distance of points and at the end of the season things turned around and it ended up that I won the title.”

“We have shown that we are on the right track on a few occasions. One of these was certainly the match in Milan, then also the victory in Barcelona. These are games that show that we are on the right path, that we are competitive and that we can fight for everything.”

“In other games it is natural that we feel the change of work, the different way we play, the inclusion of new players.”

“Even in other leagues, the big teams have had many difficulties in maintaining regularity, also due to the situation of playing every 3 days, the little rest and the lack of players due to Covid or injuries: there is a number of factors that do not allow you to have a regular performance.”

“I also believe that Juve are signing many new players. I think the work has been done very well, but obviously a lot of people judge the results, the distance from the first, second or third.”

“There is great confidence between us in the work we are doing and that the conditions are there to continue fighting for all the competitions in which we play.”

Playing in Serie A?

“I am very happy to be in Serie A at the moment.”

“Last year, we won with one round to go, but it was a fight with position changes until the end, this year is the same.”

“Milan are doing a good job, it must be recognized, Inter have also strengthened and are very solid. Then there are teams like Atalanta, Lazio, Sassuolo who play very nice football.”

“So I think there is no doubt that Serie A has grown a lot in recent years, it has become very competitive and it is very difficult because, in addition to the physical component and the intensity, I think it has always been a very strategic, tactical championship.”

“So I think it’s a mix of everything. For us players this type of game is very nice and also for those who watch from home.”

Facing Porto in the Champions League?

“When the draw came out, I confess it was a bit of a weird feeling and I think it will remain until kick-off. I had a very good history with Porto.”

“It has been four years and I have identified a lot with the club, with the city. I also have a house there, so it’s going to be a weird feeling.”

“Porto are a traditional team in Europe and when I was there I wanted these kinds of matches, I wanted to face the biggest clubs in the world, I wanted to be able to make their life difficult and I’m sure that’s what they think now.”

“We still have some time before the game, but it will certainly be very difficult because it has tradition, good players and in these great games there is a strange mystique that makes the players run more, makes them give everything, and therefore it will be difficult.”

What does Juve need to win the Champions League?

“I think Juve have always had a very great spirit of sacrifice and unity, in addition to the very high quality of the players.”

“Both from the outside and from the inside, I have always recognized that it is a very strong club in general, a great spirit of unity, a spirit of sacrifice and I think that helps to come here and win.”

” The arrival of the new manager with new ideas and different ambitions, the arrival of the new players with a different energy, all can be a good mix to think about winning the Champions League.”

“Of course we have to take it step by step. There’s still a long way, but I think the goal is to reach the final because there is no other choice for a great club like Juve.”

Who do you think is favorite to win the Champions League?

“When I analyze football, I try to do it in a practical way, in terms of play, schemes, who can develop better football.”

“I would always put Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Liverpool on the front line, because they are the teams that have the most consolidated football ideas, with players used to the game systems, they feel comfortable. I think this is a point that differentiates these teams.”

“This is my way of analyzing football, but we know that everything can change and therefore it is impossible to exclude teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona because they have tradition and this will make a difference.”

“There is also PSG with players like Neymar, Mbappe who can decide games in any way, but in my opinion, the top three I mentioned are more solid as teams.”


“I have a good relationship with him, also on a personal level.”

“We had a good relationship since Real Madrid and we met again here. I try to enjoy the moment with this type of player, with this type of person, because it is immense.”

“I won’t have any other opportunities, so I try to enjoy the moments I have with him. I try to learn all I can.”

“As a football fan, I always want to see him do great things because for me it is a pride to be able to watch everything he does.”

The goal against Sassuolo?

“At this stage of my career I am less likely to shoot, to have these chances.”

“Before when I had a more offensive role, I had more chances, I scored in other ways.”

“Now maybe my chance is to score from outside the box, so I have to make the fewest number of shots and take the opportunities.”

“My father was an amateur, not a professional, but he scored great goals from outside the box, so I always tell him: ‘You never scored a goal like this!’ and he says ‘Yes, I did’ and I reply ‘But I haven’t seen it!’ ”

“Although scoring goals is not my main job,it’s a weapon that I have to use to help the team and it’s always nice and rewarding.”

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