Chiesa: I immediately said ‘Yes’ to Juve

Juventus player Federico Chiesa answered some questions from young Juve fans, as part of the “Junior Reporter” initiative.

Joining Juve?

“It was a dream that came true.”

“I immediately said yes, without thinking about it, because wearing this shirt is fantastic.”

First training with Juve?

“I was very excited, everyone here is very strong.”

First goal with Juve?

“It was an enormous emotion, I hope I have given a lot of happiness to the fans. Then I also scored a header, which I rarely do!”

Best assist in the Juve shirt?

“I would like to say that the next one is always the best, but I think that it’s the one to Morata against Crotone.”

Best match in my career?

“The one against Milan, for the importance of that game and the double I scored.”

“I was very happy, we were all happy also because it was an important game for the league.”

“The thing that made me even happier was that I was decisive.”

Playing with Cristiano Ronaldo?

“Cristiano is the strongest of all, for me he is the greatest champion of all time.”

“You can’t say otherwise about someone who scored over 700 goals, he’s also a symbol off the pitch.”

Winning the Super Coppa?

“At Juve you always work to win and when all this work turns into lifting a trophy, the satisfaction is double.”

“For me it was the first one, so you can imagine how happy I was!”

Why the number 22?

“I would have taken the number 25 but Rabiot had it.”

“There 18,20 and 22 available, and I liked the number 22 the most.”

Role models as a kid?

“I liked individual players and I followed their teams.”

“From Juve I always followed Del Piero and Buffon, then from Milan I always liked Kaka.”

Strongest defender I ever faced?

“You should come and see me play against Chiellini, De Ligt and Bonucci in our training sessions. They are the most difficult.”

Tips to get better at football?

“Work and humility.”

“It seems an obvious answer, we always say that but believe me: if you have these two, you will achieve what you want sooner or later.”

If I wasn’t a footballer?

“I would have tried to be a scientist, especially cosmology, because at school I only liked scientific subjects.”

“But I put everything aside for football, which has always been my first goal.”

“I was a bit lazy and was only interested in science subjects, but I had to study I always tried to do well, because I knew I had to do well both in football and in school, to have a balanced life and of sound principles.”

My hobbies?

“Video games, especially Call of Duty and football games, but lately I’ve been very fond of reading as well.”


“It is important to have a healthy diet to play at these levels, but sometimes I have some chocolate cake, a cheesecake or an ice cream.”

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