Barzagli: Ronaldo is the best finisher of all time

Juventus legend Andrea Barzagli spoke to the Juventus Twitch channel.

On Tevez

“He’s one of the players with the most personality that I’ve seen in the last 10 years at Juve.”

“He’s among the top three in terms of personality: He was always there in the moments that counted, he was a great player and a phenomenon.”

Toughest striker I’ve ever faced?

“Ronaldo has always scored against us so it was very complicated with him.”

“Drogba also, he was a force of nature.”


“He is the best finisher of all time. He scores in every way, his goal record says it all, his wickedness and his hunger are incredible things.”


“I remember our match at Porto in 2017, we played very well and the goal from Pjaca was important.”

“But also that of Dani Alves who practically closed qualification. It was a very hot stadium and Porto had interesting players. ”

My top 3 teammates from Juve?

Pirlo, one of the strongest midfielders of the last twenty years.”

Buffon because I consider him the strongest goalkeeper ever.”

“I’ll put the other two together, they are Del Piero and Tevez, they were from another category.”


“You see Pirlo very serious but in reality he is, in a good sense, a ‘prick’.”

“He gave everyone so much confidence and quality, he had rare intelligence.”

Pirlo was a great player.”

“As a coach, I don’t know. He has just started, he is doing smart things. I hope well for him. Andrea is perhaps the coach most envied by football fans and professionals.”

“We met every now and then in Turin and I saw him very convinced that he wanted to be a coach. Everyone has his own path, we will see his.”


“Padoin was my roommate and he was one of the fundamental players of that Juve.”

“He was always ready and held various roles. Always a positive person, he always laughed.”

On his future

“Some players quit and then want to get back in the game by being a coach or manager.”

“I’m fine like this, I am a bit vicious and I like wine.”

“Every now and then I play padel, I go for a run and I am a taxi driver taking my children back and forth.”

Demiral and De Ligt?

“They are two young players who have a guaranteed future.”

“I hope they will stay at Juve for a long time, they are young and can improve a lot.”

“They are learning from Chiellini and Bonucci and this makes the difference, the Italian league also helps you to improve a lot.”

“Juve has the future assured for the next few years.”

Stories with Buffon, Chiellini and Bonucci?

“When you write to Gigi, he can answer you after a week. In ten years I have many anecdotes, some can be told, others not.”

“Buffon, Chiellini and I were the old guard and therefore we were also the most serious.”

“Once upon a time, there was the Italian side and the foreign side at the table. Then the South Americans arrived and I found myself with everyone who spoke Spanish and I didn’t understand anything.”

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