Agnelli: This is why Sarri was sacked, and we know that the whole world wants to see Pirlo lose

Juventus president Andrea Agnelli held a press conference today after the club shareholders meeting, where he discussed multiple subjects.

On why Sarri was sacked

“Sarri is a good person, he is cultured and is so educated, he also has a great sense a humour.”

“But, inside the locker room, a brand must be built: an alchemy that leads to overcome obstacles that seem impossible to overcome must exist, and that in my opinion, didn’t exist with the whole group.”

“Sarri won the Scudetto so we are grateful for him and we will forever remember him as one of the winning coaches of Juventus.”

On Pirlo

“During the last weeks, I got the feeling that the whole is waiting for the first loss to judge us.”

“We know that as soon as we lose a game, everyone will try to hit Pirlo and Juve for the choice we made.”

“We knew Andrea lacked experience, we knew he wouldn’t have a proper pre-season, and we’re ready to back him.”

On last year’s achievements

“I think that the ninth Scudetto win wasn’t appreciated enough neither by us nor by the fans and others, but I’m convinced that after time passes, everyone will recognize what we’ve achieved.”

“On the other hand, we lost two finals and were eliminated from the Champions League, and thag still hurts.”

On the Juve-Napoli case

“There no Juve-Napoli case, it’s a case between Napoli, Serie A and the Sports justice.”