Pirlo: This is the Juve DNA

Juventus manager Andrea Pirlo spoke to Sky Sports microphones after his team’s 3-1 win against Sassuolo.

Dybala and McKennie?

“Dybala got a blunt trauma on the collateral and then it got a little below the knee and the internal collateral got a little bit of discomfort.”

“Mckennie had a little problem yesterday on and today when he raised his leg he suffered a little.”

“We will evaluate their condition tomorrow or in a few days, hopefully it’s nothing serious.”

The game?

“It was a painful game, we managed it badly after taking the lead, then we were forced to move forward a little bit and we were more messy.”

“The important thing was to win the game, with a little desire, a little of character was what was needed to bring home the three points.”

“It was important to give continuity, to win tonight, because otherwise the match played on Wednesday at San Siro would have been useless.”

Does this comeback put pressure on you, to win more games?

“We are Juventus, we have the pressure to win all the games, it’s normal.”

“As I said last week, we don’t have to care about the standings at the moment because we are a bit distant, but it is important to focus on ourselves, on the games we have and always face them as if they were finals.”

“Then in a few months we will see how far we have come.”

How much has the team grown since the Torino game?

“It has grown above all in self-esteem, in automatisms, now we are starting to cover all the positions well with all the players.”

“We have lost some players, but we have recovered some especially on the physical level, which was an important for our development.”

The Sassuolo goal?

“We must point out the passivity of our midfielders first of all and then the malpositioning of the two defenders.”

“When you are there to face an attacker, you have to face him in a different way: Demiral has to be more careful, Bonucci has to be more aggressive.”

You were talking to Demiral, what was that about?

“He said he wanted to see the goal again, because he likes to point out his mistakes and the mistakes of others, so we will evaluate it together tomorrow.”

Winning despite suffering?

“This is the DNA of Juventus and it must always be within the team.”

“Then you can improve in terms of the game, but that must always come regardless, it can never be missing, because if you want to win games you can play well, you can play badly, but you must always have that desire until the last minute.”

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